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Younger Care

Younger Care

The Barns accommodation for people with young onset dementia

The Lodge and Barns

Wolston Grange Lodge and Barns are separate buildings where specialist care is provided to under-55 year olds living with a dementia-type illness, mental health need or learning disability. Wolston Grange predominantly supports adults with Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (alcohol-related dementia) or acquired brain injury. The Barns is a five-bedroom modern barn conversion for young people with all types of early-onset dementia, while The Lodge provides 14 beds for those living with dementia and related mental health needs.

Encouraging Independent Living

In line with the Pinnacle Care Standard, person-centred care is provided in both The Lodge and Barns, focusing on the individual rather than the illness. We understand that each resident is unique and believe it is our duty to understand and respect these differences. Individuals are supported in their daily activities and encouraged to take responsibility for their room, laundry, cooking etc, if they wish. Where possible, we aim to rehabilitate individuals so that they can return to independent living. Our person-centred approach ensures that each resident is encouraged at their own pace.

We like to keep busy at Wolston! You can find out more about what we get up to here.

A singer entertains people living at Wolston Grange Barns buildings

Well-trained Staff

All staff receive high-quality training to meet Skills for Care and CQC requirements. Staff are responsible for activities and receive training in meaningful occupation.

Assessment of Needs

Admission to the home is on a trial basis and potential residents are therefore encouraged to visit the home on a number of occasions to ensure they are given all the necessary information to enable them to make a choice. An Extensive Needs Assessment (ENA) will be carried out by the home manager to ensure that the individual's needs can be met within Wolston Grange.

Whether you need somewhere immediately for a friend or relative, or are planning for the future you can always complete an online enquiry form or call us on 02476 542912 for more information about our younger care services.